Dodge Viper Exhaust Headers

Come to us for all your Viper performance exhaust header needs! We carry Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, and Gen4. Improve your engine performance! While our new site is under construction, please use the contact page to inquire about sales and shipping prices.

All of M&M Performance headers are built from 16-18 gauge mandrel bent mild steel and then ceramic coated. We use cnc laser cut 3/8 inch thick flanges to prevent warping. They also come with a mandrel bend 3 inch turn out pipe long enough to reach whatever exhaust system you have.

M&M Headers are on the worlds fastest "stock" car!

All hardware is included.

Trial and error has taught us that the factory stainless steel gaskets are far superior to any aftermarket paper gasket available today. We recommend that you reuse your factory gaskets or we can provide a set for a few extra dollars.

All of our headers come with all the necessary bungs for 02 sensors, primary and secondary. Plus, at request, we can install extra bungs for wideband sensors, etc.

Our headers DO NOT cause “check engine” light to come on.

Horsepower gain is roughly 35-40 horsepower on Gen. 3s and Gen. 4s over stock headers.

April 09, 2009 — '09 Dodge Viper pulls 585 rwhp and 565 rwtq. Only modifications are M&M headers and a home built exhaust system.